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The Spray For Life® Foundation was formed in 2007 as a means of giving back and is celebrating 16 years of Serving and Blessing God's people with the BEST of Nutrition as Our Heavenly Father intended. 

Spray For Life Foundation believes in  the efficacy and  potential  of the NanoMist® delivery  system developed and patented  by NanoSynergy Worldwide (NSW) and has partnered with them and others to:

  • Educate and enlighten as to the  many benefits to the health   and wellbeing  of   the  NanoSynergy®  products and processes (please refer to the Spray For Life® website for more information at


  • Aid in raising awareness and funding for Research  and Development of current and future Nanotech projects.


  • Assist in facilitating distribution of current and future products to those in need (


  • Coordinate with other nonprofit, governmental and for-profit entities to accomplish the above, and more.

Starting on January 1, 2023, in cooperation with Spray For Life Foundation and the Vitamin Angels Foundation, NanoSnergy Worldwide will donate a month’s supply of a children’s multiple vitamin to a malnourished child in the US and around the world for any consumer who purchases any Spray For Life product of their choice at retail. We have begun the process in Venezuela by not only supplying vitamins, but food as well.


Russell Van de Casteele:

Russ is the inventor of the patented NanoSynergy® Processing Platform. This was the first patented Nutraceutical Nanotechnology process filed in the United States Patent & Trademark Office. In addition, Russ has filed an international patent for the treatment of pernicious anemia and tropical disease.  A 3 year clinical trial utilizing this treatment on several hundred patients infected with Malaria and Dengue Fever had experienced complete recovery, without any loss of life.

Russ  was awarded for "CELEBRATING 20 YEARS AS A TRUE PIONEER IN NANOTECHNOLOGY INNOVATION" as well as being registered in Who’s Who, as he is considered a leader in his profession because of the high level of his accomplishments and contributions in his field. More about Russ

Brett Brown:

Brett is a Co-Founder of NanoSynergy Worldwide and the Spray For Life Foundation. He has focused his adult life on Health and Wellness, with an intensive 20 years on radically improving the delivery of Nutraceuticals at the Nano level. Brett’s improvement in the field and NanoSynergy’s technology has been recognized through the Smithsonian Institute, Hubert Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, Woodrow Wilson Institute on Nanotechnology, National Nanotechnology Initiative, FDA, just to name a few.


Brett has consistently concentrated his efforts on the charitable aspects on what he calls “God’s Delivery System” in presenting it more to the malnourished and poverty stricken of the world. Brett has been consistently characterized by compassion, calm pragmatism, creative problem solving, leadership, patience, vision, devotion and a willingness to sacrifice for others makes him invaluable to the team. Brett has been tireless and selfless in his efforts to move the Foundation to the next level of accomplishment.

Michael V. Hulen, M.ED:

Michael represents the International Entrepreneur Network, the covering 501c3 charity for SFLF.  Michael has spent most of his adult life working with nonprofits, people with disabilities and other entities devoted to improving humanity. He works with nonprofit and for-profit businesses in the capacity of consultant to their online and offline marketing needs, as well as the promotion of individuals and corporations via publishing, reputation management, market penetration and other services.


Michael has gotten to work building and strengthening relationships and creating partnerships to deepen the SFL Foundations agenda.

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